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Action Packed September

October 2013

No South African Karate Association has ever experienced an action packed month like OGKK has this past September.

Starting with the hosting of the Goju Ryu World Championships and then directly into a gashuku with two 9th Dan Okinawan Masters. For those who missed this once-in-a-lifetime experience this is certainly a huge loss.

150 OGKK members underwent training with Kikugawa Masanari Hanshi and Okuma Yosyo Sensei, both 9th Dan.

OGKK Competitors collected 13 Gold, 1 Silver and 11 Bronze medals for the South African Team. Seven OGKK Judges/Referees passed the WGKF examination with Liezl Brandreth being selected to the WGKF Arbitration Panel and Neels Nagel to the WGKF Referee’s Commission.