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Nanadan (7th Dan) Promotions For Shibu-Cho Elias Kattan And Lilian Kattan

January 2014

At the conclusion of another extended visit to Okinawa during which they underwent gruelling training at the dojo of Kikugawa Hanshi (9th Dan), Technical Director of OGKK, Elias and Lilian Kattan Senseis underwent testing for and was awarded 7th Dan Kyoshi status. 

The grading was conducted at OGKK Okinawa headquarters, by the OGKK Grading Board consisting of 9th and 10th Dan Grand Masters.

The achievement places Elias Kattan Kyoshi as the highest graded OGKK man in Africa and Lilian Kattan Kyoshi as the highest graded OGKK woman in the world. With this comes added status to the South African branch. We thank OGKK for their trust in us.