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OGKK 2013 Year End Activities

November 2013

Traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu has continued growing in the South African OGKK dojos nation wide. 2013 concluded with gashukus and gradings held in various locations.

During the last 2013 George Regional Gashuku led by Jannie Le Grange Sensei, the following members where promoted. We congratulate them on this international achievement and thank their instructors for their efforts.

Rainer Prins: Junior Shodan
Pericles Vougdis: Junior Shodan
Cornelis Klaris van Niekerk: Junior Shodan
Wade Tiran: Junior Shodan
Leighton Prins: Junior Shodan
Robert Pollicutte: Junior Shodan
Dylan Hemphill: Junior Shodan
M.A. Meiring: Shodan
Damian Belcher: Nidan
Robert Reid: Nidan