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OGKK South Africa Experiences Whirlwind First Half of 2013

July 2013

  • Visiting Okinawa in January for traditional training was senseis Jannie and Rocher le Grange from George.
  • Success at Western Cape and National All Styles championships in Durban for various of our Sport Karateka.
  • Bigger than ever Western Cape OGKK Championships in Kraaifontein.
  • 42 members selected to RSA team for World Goju Ryu Championships (almost 50% of the team!).
  • Representation in Greece at WKF Youth Camp by Charne Byleveld from George.

And finally, the following 29 Black Belts graded on 12/13 July at a national gashuku.

  • Shodan: Joy Marx, Kayla Bartes, Bianca Morgenrood, Marcel Rautenbach, Heide Botha, Brent Hellawell, Lisa Stassen, Werner Stassen, Bart Jordaan, Monique Allison, Louis Fourie, Jeremie Verdoodt, William Juul, Jana Steenberg, Chris Coetzee.
  • Nidan: Gino Adamo, Andre Morgenrood, Tharwah Hendricks, Nadja Nagel, Peter Harper, Justin Mc Gegor, Murray Campbell, Helona Coetzee.
  • Sandan: Alida Schoonenberg, Nico Mong, Sergei Esaus, Pieter Piek, Hubert Mandl, Sandra Kleynhans.

The second half of 2013 promises to be twice as hectic!